A few weeks ago, I spent my weekend in London helping the Cynthia Corbett Gallery at COLLECT. I had been working alongside Cynthia, Celia (associate director) and Daisy (curator) in the run up to the exhibition with the creation of the brochures and helping to set up their Instagram page.

For the weekend, my job was to help set up the work, attend the private view, take shifts to man the stand and then help with the take down.


The private view was one of the most surreal situations I have ever been in. The whole of the Saatchi was full of well established artists, journalists and scholars.

It definitely forced me to improve on my skills of talking to people and it was also an amazing opportunity for me to meet some artists and discuss their work with them.

The highlight of our Gallery’s stand was the Meissen porcelain chandelier made by Chris Antemann:

This was a massive talking point for people coming to the exhibition and it was my job to tell people about the artist and her position with Meissen to create this work.


I also got some time to look around the rest of the show and attend some of the scheduled talks. Here are a few of the works that particularly caught my eye:

I loved this chance at work experience, and I made some valuable contacts whilst I was there. Looking to do the same again next year, but potentially with another gallery!


Now that I’ve finished at Uni for the year, I will stick to posting about any other exhibitions I visit in the summer or maybe just some inspiring images I might find/take.


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