Gran Canaria

This summer, I travelled with my family to the island of Gran Canaria. It was my first time scuba diving, the first time I spotted dolphins and my first time on a desert sand dune.

They had some of the most beautiful little villages that I have ever seen, my favourite being the town of Mogán…

Gran Canaria is well known for it’s Flora population, with a lot of it’s species being extinct to the rest of the planet. It’s contribution to botany is huge and everywhere we went there was incredible plant life to look at…

As one of Spain’s volcanic islands, Gran Canaria had a particularly mountainous landscape. We also visited the Caldera de Bandama – the oldest and largest extinct volcano crater on the island…

There is not a particularly large amount of resident wildlife on the island, however in the ocean, there are around 29 different cetacean species that can be spotted in the surrounding waters of the island. We took a boat trip out to sea to watch some of the dolphins swimming…

What I found really incredible about the island, was the Maspalomas desert. Located right on the coastline, the dunes are listed as a Special Nature Reserve and spread right along the beach front. We visited the dunes just before dusk, and watched the light fade behind the sand…


This was such an inspiring place to visit and I really loved seeing how diverse the landscapes could be on such a small island.


I truly made some fantastic memories here!

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