My Last Project

I’ve not posted for a while, so I thought I would share with you my last project that I have been working on at University in the lead up to Christmas. The title of our project was ‘Duplication’ and I decided to work with the lathe and mill to produce some machined Aluminium rings.

My design plan was to create ‘Jewellery for Buildings.’ I worked towards creating a scale model of my design which I designed for the Royal College of Art’s WOO building in London.

The process was a subtractive one. I started with a solid bar of Aluminium, and I had to remove unwanted material to create my desired shapes. This was started off on the mill, and then to bore the hole out of the center and cut it into slices, I used the lathe.

I created a variation of sizes and profile shapes to work with…



I then took these rings and anodized them in a Sulphuric acid bath, so that I could then dye them with vibrant colours…


For my final set, I decided to dye them all with a blue gradient, because this was the colour that I felt complimented the WOO building the most.

I used the tap and die method as a means of attachment for my work, as this was a process that would have been possible in the proposed large scale as well…

I was really pleased with the final outcome I ended up with and I think I did the building justice with my design. I am very tempted to return to this process and create some human scale rings so that I can have them to wear myself!

I have also attached a link to my iMovie that I made in support of this project, so you can see me in action!


Hopefully I can begin to post on a more regular basis during this term, as we are beginning to move into our personal projects, and I will be looking to get some feedback about my work.

Until then, hope you all make a good start on those New Year’s Resolutions!



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