The New Forest

I’ve been exploring my local area for the last couple of weeks, to collect some imagery to work from in my university project.

I find a lot of inspiration in the forest and there is an infinite array of avenues that could develop from some of the images I have collected.

Two elements I am looking closely at right now are line and texture.

I am drawn to the linear layout of the trees in the New Forest, as they can be extremely structured. The New Forest was actually created by man; as a hunting ground during the rein of William I, therefore trees were planted in concentrated areas and appear to be very uniform.

I like the spaces that are created between the trees in areas such as this, particularly how they can overlap, and how individual branches can intersect these spaces.

I am also very interested in surface texture of wood. I have worked with wood before in previous projects, and I have always admired the natural patterns that occur in the bark, the roots and the internal structure.

I particularly like the deep cracks that are found in tree bark, which open up a crevice of new textures and imply a sense of layer and depth.

I would like to take a combination of these linear and textural elements to begin my experimentation in the workshop. I would like to experiment with a range of techniques that can produce bold textures on my work to begin with, and then I hope to refine these surfaces later.

I think it would also be interesting to create photographic montages of these images in Photoshop – to see how the two elements interact with each other. These images could then be used to create stencils or transferable imagery which I could potentially apply to my surfaces.


I will keep you updated with how my experiments progress from here!


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