Beginning Experiments

So today I took to an unsuspecting bit of steel with the power hammer…

I made my own stamp, using weld to ‘draw’ on another piece of steel. My sheet steel was then heated in the forge and placed under the power hammer with the stamp to create some textures.


I was really pleased with the results that I got. I feel that it is a realistic representation of the bark textures that I was looking at in the forest last week.

Next, I spent some time developing some drawings, inspired by the textures I had created. I was particularly interested in the concepts of deterioration and lines or sections.

I cut the sheet steel into sections and melted the edges in the forge, getting them to a white hot temperature. I then formed the steel around a solid bar, using an oxy-acetylene torch to aid the bending.

I ended up with these amazing overlapping edges, reminding me of peeling bark from damp logs.


Here is the the work placed back into the forest. I feel as though it fits in well with the environment, and I like that you can see this is where my inspiration came from.

The colour of the steel seems so natural in this environment, it’s definitely very effective as it is, but I do think I’d like to experiment with adding to colour in other way – like patination and enameling. Perhaps with some of the bare steel still showing.


I’ll let you know where I progess from here!




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