Rum’s Eg Gallery

Outside of University term-time, I work in a small, community interest gallery in Romsey, New Forest. At the moment, there are two exhibitions running alongside one another. One is called Rhythm & Blues, which consists of textural wall pieces by Julien Masson and the other is called ‘Earth Tones’and is a range of Paintings by Maureen Davies.

The gallery also has a continuously changing array of 3D work. I just wanted to share with you a few images of the work they had this season!

Soft-stone carving by Moira Ross and porcelain ceramics by Harriet Wesley:

Glazed ceramics by Jackie Giron and Colin Jones:

Animal sculptures by Pippa Hill and Sandra Bidmead:

Jewellery by members of the ACJ and glasswork by Angela Perrett:

Raku ceramics by Ollie Chappell and copper birds by Mike Savage:

I really enjoyed going back to the gallery and having a chance to practice my curatorial skills. It’s very interesting to see how the placement of objects can make them seem so much more prominent in a space.


I’ve definitely got some good tips to take back with me to University – and I can use them to help set up our group exhibition!


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