Development of Form

I just wanted to share with you some images of the finished pieces that I have created using the bits of forged steel and cast bronze that I have been experimenting with!

unnamed (3)

I am really pleased with how this assembled steel vessel looks once it has been placed with my smaller vessels. I feel as though my visions of a collection are starting to materialize here, and I love the new relationships that are created between them.


My bronze vessel was harder to construct than the steel one, as the pieces were all of varying sizes and thicknesses, which means every individual weld requires a new setting. However, I am very pleased with the final outcome, and it has given me a whole range of new ideas to explore.

I am particularly interested in combining these two textural experiments together, to see how the two metals may interact or sculpt each other.

I would also like to try attaching the bark to a tube of some kind, and try casting the whole piece at once. I am interested in creating some kind of contrast in my work, whether that is a contrast of texture, colour or finish.


I shall leave you with a few of my design sketches to look at for now!



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