ORIGINS Exhibition

This weekend was the weekend of our group exhibition, ORIGINS, at the Farnham Vineyard Centre! It was a really successful show and I just wanted to share some photos of the show for you guys to see.

It took us a total of 6 hours to set everything up. There was lots of driving around with the equipment and a few technical mishaps!

The private view kicked it all off on the Thursday night, and we had a good number of people turn up, including our tutors and technicians from the University!

Over the three days, we had roughly 60 people come and visit, which was so many more than we expected. Thankyou to anyone who came along and supported us!


I was particularly pleased with how my own work looked in this space. I think my choice of plinths demonstrated a subtle and sophisticated suggestion of context, which was highlighted with my film too.


The video of my work was filmed, produced and edited by Wesley Productions, which is my brother’s promotional film company.

The whole space worked very well, and I think our arrangement made great use of the space. I loved this venue for our work, and I would definitely consider using this venue for another future exhibition.


I’ll leave you with this photograph of us all with our tutor, Rebecca Skeels!



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