After receiving some amazing feedback from people at our exhibition, I was inspired to develop my work even more, and took to the woods to collect some new materials to work with!

I collected another pile of Scotch Pine bark, as this was the texture that I liked the most, due to it’s depth and density.

I was also really intrigued in the textures of some of the stripped wood that I found, where bark had naturally fallen from already.

Working from these primary sources, I began to construct some pieces using a cardboard tube as a starting point; adding bark to build up layers that I couldn’t achieve with singular cast elements.

The plan with these is to continue with the direct one time casting process, and cast the whole thing as a finished piece.

I have also begun experimenting with adding some wax textures to these pieces. I’m not sure if I will like the results or not – but we’ll find out!


Watch this space to see the results of the casting!