Draw & Sketch

This week, I just felt like sharing some of my drawings, sketches and maquettes with you.

I quite often draw out lots of design ideas and possibilities all on one page, which gets kind of crowded, but it helps me to see lots of new avenues. I am interested in exploring how different final objects; originating from the same inspiration, will interact together in a new environment.


Using watercolours is my favourite way to add colour to my design sketches. I also really enjoy creating full pages in my sketchbook of colour swatches and palettes.

The most effective way for me to visualise my design is through paper maquettes and models. This helps me to process how I might construct each element of my pieces together, and consider which elements of the design are most important to me.


I create my maquettes and models using a range of materials including, paper, photographs, plasticine, card, fabric and wood. Using photographs is a great way to explore surface patterns and to understand how images are manipulated by the form.

I have enjoyed creating final pieces in card and wood during my casting process, because it is very similar to working with a model. It releases any anxiety I may have over how the individual elements might come together and I am free to play, without feeling as though I am wasting materials.



I recently had one of my sketchbooks digitised at University and I am really pleased with the result! If you want to check it out, go ahead! You can find it here.



I am hoping to get my second sketchbook digitised soon too, and will let you know once that is available!

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