Artistic Reflection


I recently came across an artist called Lee Borthwick and I have instantly fallen in love with her series entitled ‘The Common Gaze’.

Borthwick too, works with wood in a sustainable way and embraces the unique narratives of her materials to produce work that draws out the beauty in natural forms. Her series ‘The Common Gaze’ is about offering up a new perspective and allowing us to experience woodland “through the eyes of the trees.” 

The use of mirrors is such a simple concept, but Borthwick’s compositions capture some truly breathtaking results which seem to have an other-worldly aura to them.

I really love the play on perspectives in this work. I am particularly interested in how she draws the elements of the landscape that she likes most and projects them into a new part of the environment.


This is a concept that I am hoping to develop a response to in my own practise. I want to find a way to transform segments of the landscape and then have them interject the original environment.

I have therefore been quite strongly focused on negative spaces within the forest; as I am hoping to materialise new forms from these shapes, in an attempt to visualise the potential forms that could exist in these spaces.


Ultimately, I have found myself forming a strong connection with this series and I think Borthwick’s work offers a new and exciting view of the landscape; one which I have not seen before.


It’s always great to discover new work that fuels your own ideas and artistic concepts and I have walked away from this with a whole bunch of fresh inspiration!


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