New Branches

Something new today! I have been playing with the idea of creating a jewellery collection based on the same themes and inspiration as my current project; almost as an extension of the project.

I think it will be interesting to explore the concepts of physically bringing my audience closer to nature, by the means of items of jewellery, as well as continuing to explore the ideas in my other collection, of recreating an experience aesthetically for my audience to interact with.

I have had a very ad hoc attempt at wax modelling some brooches and rings this week to do a standard cast with, just to get an initial feel for the pieces, and see if I like the idea.

I think the prospect of creating two collections of work that run alongside each other could be a really contemporary and exciting approach within my practise, and I would like to explore it a lot more in my final year of study.


As always, leave any comments/feedback as to what you think!

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