New Forest Foraging

This week, I spent a few days with family, camping out in Beaulieu. This is one of my favourite places in the New Forest and it’s full of fantastic walks!


Whilst staying in Beaulieu, I decided to gather some bark up to bring back with me to University. There is a nice range of trees in this part of the New Forest, including quite a lot of Silver Birch.

There was lots to rifle through! The best part is, some logs were completely rotten in the center, and I was able to collect almost full bark ‘skins’ which I can put back together after the casting process to basically re-create the pieces almost exactly.


I am quite taken with the concept of developing pieces or small collections that are made entirely from bark in one area of the New Forest. The idea being to transform these original elements of the space into something new. A physical object; arisen from the forgotten spaces in the landscape.


I think I have managed to collect a substantial pile of bark from Beaulieu in order to start experimenting with this concept. Now I just have to find somewhere safe to store them until September!

I also want to say a thankyou to my cousin, Emily, for accompanying me on this trip to take some photos of me in action!



I hope you are all enjoying your summer breaks!


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