Summer Travels

For the last month, I have been travelling across Hungary, Austria and Switzerland. This was a trip that I decided to encounter on my own, for a chance to discover new cultures and cities and travel between them all via inter-rail train journeys.

I had the most amazing experience and enjoyed every moment! Across the cities that I stayed in, I visited a total of 11 different galleries and museums, and sketched almost everyday.

Some of my favourite galleries I visited include the Leopold Museum in Vienna; the Rosengart Museum in Lucerne and the Kunsthaus Museum in Zurich.

I collected a nice selection of postcards from these galleries; which were of my favourite works:



I also visited a town called Pécs in Hungary which is the home of Zsolnay ceramics; the pioneers of Eosin glazes. The ceramics quarters of the city were just breathtaking and the range of ceramics they had in the museum was really impressive.


I’ve had a great summer exploring and taking in lots of art history and culture! It’s got me excited to go back to University and start making again!


Note to self: keep visiting new museums!

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