On The Workshop Bench

Now that we’ve been allowed back into the workshops at Uni, I thought I would share with you a few things that I’ve been working on!

My current project out on the bench is these couple of bronze castings that I de-molded at the end of last year:

I cut these trees apart with a junior hack saw, as close to the casting as possible and then finished them with an angle grinder.


I also had a small textured steel vessel that I had put together from last year, made up from shapes of negative space taken from a landscape in Ashurst in the New Forest:


I decided to dive straight in and try out an experiment of combining both steel and bronze together; which is an aesthetic that I am interesting in exploring with lots more depth this academic year.

I am quite pleased with how this piece looks! The bronze and the steel fit together really nicely, and seem as if they were designed to do this, which I am really happy about.

I would really like to see if I could incorporate some more bronze in the next piece, to create a slightly more balanced effect, but I am happy with this piece as it is.

Another element I am interesting in exploring with more depth this year is patination and the concept of deception of materials in my work. I would really like to incorporate precious metals to try and create this effect, and for the next experiments, I would like to try either silver plating, silver lustres or perhaps using gold/silver leaf to coat the bronze.

I have finished off this week by prepping my next tree for casting:



Can’t wait to show you guys my next load of experiments!


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