For Thursday and Friday this week, my University (University for the Creative Arts) held a symposium and design project at Farnham Maltings for the School of Craft and Design, which includes over 300 students.

The Thursday held a series of talks and discussions from current students, recent graduates, university academics and guest practitioners; Julian Stair, Simon Hasan and Kate Blee.

The talks and discussions were really interesting and sparked lots of enthusiasm from the students! It was such a great opportunity to have the guest speakers come in and discuss their work too. They were all very open and happy to talk about their practices in both practical and conceptual discussions.

The Friday was dedicated to a one day design project for the students. We were given a brief that asked us to create a large structure built up of repeating unit components, and we were set the challenge of keeping the cost either very minimal or non existent.

We were divided into groups, which included a range of students from different courses within the School of Craft and Design and from different levels of study.

My group decided to work with tin cans; which we collected up over a couple of weeks prior to the day. We wanted to look at how we could use them in arrangements of different shapes to create a structure similar to that of honeycomb or a wasp nest.

We used a hot glue gun to construct it and it stood on it’s side, as a three-dimensional structure. I was fascinated how a circular object could be repeated in triangular patterns, and come together to form a hexagon!

Each group came up with original and amazing ideas, some very intricate, some interactive and others quite conceptual. What was nice is that no two groups ended up with the same outcome!

Overall, the two day symposium was very successful and the students all enjoyed taking part in collaborative work with peers from other courses and levels.

I found it very interesting to see how students from different courses approached the work and it was inspiring to see how so many ideas came out of the same brief!


Thanks to Colin Holden; head of the School of Craft and Design for organizing it!

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