The Latest Model

This week I have been working on my latest model that I plan to cast in the foundry. I am using a technique that I began to explore last year; which involves composing individual pieces of bark onto a cardboard cylinder and then modeling wax to fit between the gaps in any layers or overlays.

It is important to fill these gaps, so that the ceramic shell coating does not become trapped within the final bronze once the casting process has been completed.

This is a very long process and has taken lots of time to complete. The final thing stands at roughly 1.75″ and has a diameter of roughly 80mm. And I plan to sprue it up alongside another piece, roughly the same size.

Although this is a long process, the overall making time will not be far off my pieces that are assembled after being cast, because once this piece is turned into bronze, I will not have as much finishing to do.

I am very pleased with this piece and I feel that I have finished the wax modelling to a good level. I’m excited to see how it turns out!

I’ll leave you with this little time lapse video of me working on it:



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