In an attempt to help fund my final university project, I am planning to apply for the Precious Metal Bursary from the Goldsmith’s Company and this week, I ran a test casting in silver, to check my conversion calculations of bark to silver weight.

I used our amazing American Neutec J-2R Vaccum Casting Machine and sprued up a tiny little tree with three small pieces of bark on it.

I was super nervous about my calculations for the conversion rate – as working with direct burn-outs of bark is much less predictable than a standard lost wax conversion! But it turned out to be more than enough!


Once the silver had cooled down and I had removed it from the plaster mould, I was left with these lovely pieces of silver bark!

I’m super excited to send off my application to Goldsmiths now – I just have to keep my fingers crossed that they like my designs and offer me the chance to work with more silver.

For now, I’m hoping to work with these pieces to create an interesting piece combined with bronze – so keep your eyes peeled for an update!