Crossing My Fingers

This week, I’ve been working hard on something that could be really exciting!

I’ve been putting together an application for the Goldsmiths Precious Metal Bursary Competition! The deadline was this Friday, and so I thought, now that it’s all sent off and handed in, I would share with you some of my design sheets that I sent off.

We had to include examples of our research, inspiration, sketches, designs and a final proposed design for the competition.

For my application, I decided to collage together a collection of my own photographs, images of other practitioners work and scanned drawings from my sketchbooks.


development-pageI was quite pleased with how these all came together on a page, which I then added hand written annotations to.

For my final design page, I took some of my drawings from my sketchbook and manipulated them in Photoshop to create drawings to scale and to add textures/colour. I then also annotated this page by hand with information about sizing and my materials cutting list.


It would be super exciting for me to receive this Precious Metal Bursary, because it will allow me to really expand my collection for the degree show, which I would not be able to afford off my own back.

I also think that working with silver will help me to explore the contextual concepts behind my work with much more depth.

Ultimately, I’m just really excited at the potential that I could win this competition and be able to have my work associated with the Goldsmiths name!

The winners of the bursary will be announced in the new year, with the final pieces to be made by the 1st May.


For now, I’m just going to keep all of my fingers crossed!

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