Not So Crystal Clear

After looking some more into the kind of aesthetic contrast that I want to achieve in my work, I decided to take a small tangent into exploring some other materials. I started off making some moulds of my bark with Alginate:

I did one mould where I pressed the bark half into a mixed tub of alginate and then one larger mould which I made by spreading the mixed alginate over the surface of the bark.

The first thing I wanted to test out in these moulds was the use of Crystal Clear Resin. I chose this resin because it was supposedly the most effective to use in highly textured moulds, an that it would still come out looking transparent and not frosty’.

I poured the resin into the half moulds, and used some moss in one piece to see what an injection of colour may look like too.


The resin takes a total of 24 hours to fully harden. However once removed from the moulds, I found that the textural surface had not fully hardened, and was still sticky to touch.

This could have been for a number of reasons. The most likely being that a) the resin and hardener elements were not thoroughly mixed, or that b) there was some residue or water still in the mould which interfered with the resin solution; because the back set perfectly well and turned clear.


Unfortunately this was a very unsuccessful experiment, and I was unable to use these pieces as an element to incorporate into a final piece. I would really like to try these resin experiments again – I was so disappointed to find out they didn’t work!


You’ll have to wish me luck for next time!

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