A close friend of mine let me loose on her iPad yesterday – so that I could try out an app called Adobe Sketch. It was so much fun!

The app is compatible with a Wacom pen and reacts to the pressure of the stylus on the screen. It also has a huge range of brushes and pencils and ink pens to choose from.

But the feature that I had the most fun with was the layers – and how you can insert photographs and work on top of them in a new layer. This was a great way for me to visualize how my work might look in different locations…


They’re just some rough and playful sketches but I was so excited by being able to draw digitally that I had to share them with you!


I would highly recommend this app to any avid drawers – it’s very user friendly and extremely responsive. There is even a ‘discover’ section where you can browse amazing work that other people have created using the app!