New Year Refresh

I had a little break from blogging over the Christmas break, and took out some much needed time for myself. I caught up with family, and tied up some loose ends of my university work.

Now that I’m back, I just felt like a quick little update on my final experiments from the end of term would be a nice thing to look back on, before moving forward!

So, the area that I began to look into was how to translate my drawings into my work somehow. I want to find a way that the mark makings I record from my encounter with the space can be translated into metal.

I began with some simple etching and stamp experiments, but I didn’t feel as though these marks were bold or clear enough. I then tried recreating my drawings in wire, and pressing these wire shapes into the metal by putting it through the rollers.

This method of ‘drawing with wire’ was really successful. I love how it gives a strong, deep impression and how I can almost identically recreate my drawings from my sketchbook.


I then took these sheets with my ‘drawings’ on them and began to mark out the areas of negative space which corresponded with the location they came from. These shapes are so irregular, that I had to cut them all out by hand with a piercing saw.

These are some of the results I ended up with! I loved how well these pieces came out – it was exactly what I had imagined them to look like!

I would really like to find a way that I can create these on a much, much larger scale, so that the same concept can be incorporate into my larger scale work, alongside my foundry castings.


I have had a little play with arranging these bits on a bench, with some of my silver bark castings and I definitely feel like there is potential here. I finally feel as though I am moving closer towards my intended designs!

I’m hoping that this term I can finalize some of these pieces and get some finished, solid work done that I am happy with.


Wish me luck!

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