The Sculpture Park

This week I took a trip down to The Sculpture Park in Churt, Farnham. This is a very local sculpture park, but one that I had not previously visited! It is home to over 800 sculptures, by a huge range of artists and spans roughly 10 acres of forest.

I wanted to visit so that I could have a look at the type of work that was displayed, and to look at a few of the commissioned pieces. It was a great day out – I ended up spending nearly 5 hours meandering around! I wanted to share with you some of my personal favourites of the day…

The first piece that caught my eye was A.T Bend’s Triple Variable Infinity:

This stainless steel piece looked absolutely incredible. Positioned right next to the pond, it reflected the light and the water beautifully… even in the rain!

The weather did not spoil the day for me at all, and some work even looked to be most impressive in the slightly gloomy light.

Two examples are these bronzes by Won Lee and Ann Vrielinck:

I have found myself slowly falling more and more in love with bronzes. I’m not sure if I just have more appreciation for the time that goes into them, or whether they just naturally appeal to my current aesthetic taste, but nonetheless, I loved these two pieces.

This site-specific piece is a walkway/bridge made by Colin Wright out of chainsawed oak. I actually really like how the ivy has taken over parts of this piece, and that not all of it was immediately visible…

The next piece I found that I liked was this set of ‘Obelisks.’ These were not labelled with an artist or maker, and simply said ‘The Sculpture Park,’ so I assumed they were a commissioned piece. There was a couple of sets of these dotted throughout the park and I really liked them.


I think that reflective surfaces, like mirrors or stainless steel work so well in the forest, because they really interact with the space. Again, they are not easy to spot, so you find yourself physically moving closer and building a more intimate connection with the work.

Some more bronzes I liked were David Goode’s The Drinker, and Enzo Plazzotta’s Creation of Adam:

The Drinker looked so cheeky hiding in the reeds! He had also collected some rain water in his leaf which made me smile!

This slate piece was one that I found to be really impressive! I have no idea how it was made, but I thought it was stunning.


Cube by James Parker

I also like how it had some moss and weathering, which highlighted some areas of the piece. I’m starting to realise that I am drawn to pieces that seem to blend into their environment, or use colours with which they are naturally surrounded in…

Finally, here a few other pieces that I felt interacted with the space really well:

I just couldn’t get over how diverse the work was here. There was so many pieces and all in different materials! Most of what I have shared with you here looks very similar, as it is al of my favourite bits, but I also did a vlog of the day, which I am planning to upload to youtube soon, so keep an eye out!


That’s it for now, see you soon…



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