Future Projections

So, one strand of my studies that I have not really discussed so far with you guys on my blog is the use of film/lighting/audio in my work.

I am really interested in the relationship between craft and digital media to create unique, immersive experiences and I think this stemmed from an exhibition that I was a part of last year, called ORIGINS.  (I’ll insert a link to the blog about that, here.)

In this exhibition, I collaborated with my brother to produce a short film of my work within an environment. For my current work, I am beginning to explore the potential of creating a film of an environment, that accompanies my work to tell an emotive story, about my experiences with the space; which in turn, compliments my three dimensional pieces.

I started to explore the use of film by creating some 30 second videos of different locations within the New Forest that focused on the atmosphere and sound of the space, then uploaded these to my YouTube channel:

I was extremely happy with how these videos turned out, and I feel like they have really helped me to develop my practical work too, and focus on the aspects of the space that are most important to me.

I have since moved on from these videos and have begun to look at the potential to showcase both film/lighting and my pieces together. I have tried out quite a few lighting experiments, however I have not been 100% happy with the results.

The first experiments were done in an already lit room. This gave a subtle glow to my pieces and cast some very interesting shadows, however, I wanted the overall effect to be much more striking than this…

The next experiments I tried with the lights off… as if the pieces were being viewed in a dark room; a ‘black box’ environment.

I preferred the overall effect of the lighting in these experiments, however I came to the conclusion from these that coloured light on its own does not convey the effect that I wanted. It is too ambiguous.

Next, I tried projecting my photographs over the work:

These experiments are starting to get closer to what I had imagined in my head. I really love how the projection overlays on the texture of the pieces. However, this does take away from the texture, so I tried reducing the size of the projection, so that you have to physically move closer to the pieces, to look at what is being projected; which also draws more attention to the textures.

I feel as though the use of photographs of each location is too obvious a use of imagery. I would like to experiment with perhaps blurred imagery, or montages of imagery. Abstracted images would give a more artistic overall effect.

My final experiments were playing my 30 second films projected over the work:

This is where I finally felt my ideas coming together in one place. It made me realise that I definitely would like to using moving image/film in an installation setting. I still feel as though these film clips are too static and too clear though. I would like to maybe experiment with footage that moves through the environment, takes you on a journey, or is a blurred compilation of footage, with a stronger focus on an audio accompaniment.

I have however, continued to make these 30 second videos and am uploading them to my YouTube page as a miniature series. I am hoping that these small experimental videos will help me to identify the perfect settings for my final film.

Feel free to check out my channel to see the new ones!


If you have any comments, advice or feedback I would really appreciate it!


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