Exploring Beaulieu

This weekend, I travelled back to The New Forest to take some photos in Beaulieu – the current focus location for the collection I am working on. I documented the space with photos, audio clips and drawings.

I focused mainly on the negative space and the atmospherics of the location. But I also really enjoyed photographing was the textures of the bark, too…

I loved walking around this area of the forest and taking photos of the natural materials. It helps me to develop ideas and really record my feelings about the space, to then try and translate into my work.

Here’s me exploring and sitting in a big tree drawing!

One concept that I have been beginning to explore is how photography can be used alongside my work to create an installation-style piece. Therefore, I began to start taking some Polaroid photographs of small sections of the space, the forgotten areas or areas of landscape that are often ignored.


I am planning to stitch these Polaroids together in a sort of ‘curtain’ which I would display with my work, and also potentially, a speaker with captured audio from the environment.

I had lots of fun just exploring the forest and collecting snippets to work with! Hope you guys don’t mind the really brief blog update this week!



I’ll let you guys know how the Polaroids turn out once I put them all together!

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