This weekend was the year’s biggest craft show in London. Saatchi Gallery’s COLLECT; organised by the Crafts Council, showcases a range of national and international galleries, with work by hundreds of current crafts practitioners.


I went up with two friends from the course; Hannah and Abi, and we had great fun walking around, finding new inspiration for our projects, and trying to work out which galleries could potentially be good ones for us to approach with our work once we’ve graduated.

A new feature this year was the ‘spotlight’ booths. These were areas of the show that particular galleries had used to showcase some more experimental and innovative work. One of these that I really liked, was this collaboration piece between Helen Carnac and David Gates.

I also really liked Katie Spragg’s While Away, but I don’t have any photos of that work, so you’ll have to look at that here.


Play It Again and Again by Safia Hijos

The other ‘spotlight’ piece that intrigued me was Safia Hijos’ Play It Again and Again. It was a series of ceramic records, and a scratched copy of ‘As times go by’ from Casablanca, which could be listened to through a pair of headphones.


Lines by Lauren Nauman

A little more close to home, was Lauren Nauman’s ceramics. Lauren’s work is absolutely beautiful, and my work will be displayed alongside hers in the upcoming exhibition Rising Stars at the New Ashgate Gallery.

In fact, most of the ceramic work on show was of a particularly high standard, and all unique work.

Naturally, I was drawn to the metalwork at the show. Some of which, I was particularly interested in because of it’s patination. This is an area that I would like to learn lots more about, as I currently feel as though I am very inexperienced.

These silver and brass pieces by Peter Bauhuis have amazing patination on them! I would love to know how these effects are achieved!

I also loved these brass wall pieces by an international artist, Kenmoku. I initially thought they were made from woo, because the patination was so detailed!

Finally, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite textile pieces. Textiles is a medium that I have always found fascinating, but it is not something that I keep up to date with.

These wall pieces are by Shihoko Fukumoto and explore ideas of constellations and astrological patterns. I fell in love with the colours of the dyes, and how soft the lines were. I could have stared at these pieces all day!


Finally, this set of ___ by ___ also captured my attention. The series shows an image of a butterfly, morphing into a digital image QRcode, which, when scanned with a smart phone, took you back to the original image! I thought that this collaboration of craft and technology was really clever.


Well, that’s all of my highlights, I’d love to hear what you guys enjoyed from the show too!

I also vlogged the day, so keep an eye out on my YouTube channel for that!

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