Photography Session

Just recently, our course tutor organised a cross-course induction at University for us to learn how to use the photography studios. The induction was led by the photography technician Beytan Erkmen and we were shown how to use an infinity table, coloured backdrops and how to successfully light different products.

Here are some action shots of us using the studio equipment:


I found using the infinity table quite difficult, as my pieces required very specific lighting qualities against a white background to achieve a realistic colour.

Beytan encouraged me to try using a black backdrop instead, which I was completely skeptical of at first. I thought that the dark background would seem as if it was swallowing up my pieces, rather than showing them off. However, once trying it out and swapping out a softbox light cover with a snood, it lit my work perfectly!

I am extremely happy with the results and wanted to share them with you… so here they are:


I am very excited to use these images for my promotion, and to upload online! I think I will probably use the photograph of the pieces ‘Ashurst I, II & III’ for my new business cards too… how exciting!

Some new pieces are now in planning, and I want to really explore the incorporation of my drawings into the works with this new collection. I think this is an area that I have currently been lacking in.


Watch this space for more workshop updates!

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