Rosie Wesley Metalwork – Film Shoot

I did something EXTREMELY exciting this week! My brother, Ged who is an aspiring film maker (find his youtube account here) came into the university to help me film a promotional video about me and my work, which should hopefully be available for people to watch later on this year.

We had great fun on Thursday, as it was a ‘pour day’ in the foundry, and we got some good footage of Mark, Kelly and Shaun, the university technicians pouring the bronze into my moulds.

Lots of people were interested in watching the pour this week – and we ended up with quite an audience!

Normally, students and other staff are asked to stay quite far back from the sand pit, but Ged was given special permission to film fairly close which should give us some amazing close up footage of the molten bronze.

On the Friday, we visited the jewellery workshops instead to film some footage of me working on some wax trees ready for casting. We also conducted a small interview, with questions about my working methodology and the inspiration for my work.

It was so scary to have someone film me whilst I was working! I’ve never experienced anything like it and working with the wax seemed so much harder with someone intensely watching me!

We still have a little more footage to film – including some of me in the forest collecting bark, but it shouldn’t be much longer until all the filming is done and the editing can begin.


Unfortunately I can not share with you guys any of the footage just yet, but there may be some that I can show you soon, so keep your eyes peeled!


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