Instax Polaroid Photographs

As part of documenting the environment that I am working with, I have been taking Polaroid photographs on my Fujifilm Instax camera.

I love working with photography, because it allows me to capture something so fleeting; freezing a moment in time. It is a much faster way of preserving my observations of a space than drawing or casting.

The particular charm of polaroid film is that the images are un-editable, unpredictable as well as instant. The remain a pure and honest representation of a space, contrastingly to my artistic sculptural responses.

thumbnail (2)

I am currently working with a big range of bark collected from Beaulieu, which is enough to create a collection of maybe 5-7 sculptures. For this reason, I have felt that it is important for me to return to Beaulieu on multiple occasions and record it from lots of different angles and in different conditions.

This has lead to me taking a lot of Polaroid images, which I have really enjoyed laying out in collections and flicking through. However, it seemed such a shame to have all of these wonderful images and not share them or create something with them to both contextualize my work and illustrate a story.

So, after scanning lots of Polaroids into my computer and experimenting with digital compositions, I decided it would be really nice to find a way of displaying these in groups or all together. I originally planned to frame them in groups, or individually mount each one to a wall, but I came across these portrait orientated ID wallets and I thought it would be amazing to try and create some kind of ‘curtain’ with them buy stitching them together.


In the end, I opted for drilling holes in each wallet, and using jump rings to attach them all together. This gave a really nice effect, as it gave the piece some movement, bringing a new dynamic to the photographs.

I also had a play with arranging some of my finished sculptures in front of the Polaroids, which I liked. I think this piece is a really lovely photowork, however I think it is one that I would display as a separate work, rather than an accompanying piece to the sculptures.

I feel that photography will remain a strong influence and documentation in my making process and it is nice to be able to find creative ways of displaying these and incorporating them into my professional work. It will be nice to continue challenging this idea and playing with more creative photography in the lead up to my degree show.

For now, I will leave you this little photo of me exploring…

thumbnail (1)


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