Ashurst In Silver – Rosie Wesley

I just wanted to share with you some images of the finished silver works that I have made for my final degree collection. I have titled these pieces ‘Ashurst In Silver I’ and ‘Ashurst in Silver II’.

The silver for these two pieces was funded by The Goldsmith’s Centre. If you would like to know more about how I was selected for this, then please check out my previous blog post here.

I am so pleased with how these two pieces came together in the end and I think they look great stood next to each other too!

As these pieces are made from sterling silver, I had to take them to the Assay office for hallmarking. I opted for a 3D laser hallmark on these pieces, so that I could have them larger, and made more of a feature of.

'Ashurst in Silver II, details' (2018) 210mm

‘Ashurst in Silver II, details’ (2018) 210mm

I also made this short little stop-motion video of the second piece rotating, so that you can see all angles!

If you would like to see these works in person, they will be on show at our graduation showcase along with the pieces from my Beaulieu collection.


Updates on the graduation show following shortly.

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