Graduation Show Prep

This week, we’ve been busy getting things ready for the graduation show. As a class, we have to come together to curate our exhibition space as a team, to create the best looking show we can. The tutors have been so supportive in this process, helping us to paint the space, put up temporary walls and to install lighting.

For my work, I had to plan out a temporary environment that could house my installation. This involved building a plasterboard wall in the corner of the room. This space will then also lead into my other pieces, which I had originally planned to display on individual plinths.

In the craziness of my approaching deadline, I ran out of time to make my plinths, so the super kind woodwork technician; Jim, helped me out by putting them together for me and sanding them back.

In the end, we decided that with everyone else’s work displayed on trestle tables, mine seemed to be out of place on the plinths. This was a shame, as I wanted my work to be seen at eye level, so that people could really appreciate the detail. But this degree show  had to look effective as a whole space, and so I had to compromise on this.

There was lots of other preparation to be done, including cleaning the floors, re-painting walls, painting tables, hanging work and testing lights…

In my installation space, I also had to hang black fabric on the walls, fixed with a staple-gun, and install a metal bar across the top of the two walls, to hang my lighting and the projector from. I was extremely happy with my installation space and the intimacy of it. The film also projected very well on the black background, and the colours were as good as my previous projection tests.


Here are a few images of the final set up and some close up photos of the other students work:

In the lead up to the show, I have also been putting together social media graphics and a catalogue for our course, including information pages and photographs of everyone’s work. This has taken me a long time and I am very proud of the outcome!

I made sure to match the branding with the university’s official invitations and map for the whole university’s graduation show. This worked out really well, and all of my classmates were very happy with the final printed catalogues!

I have also designed some personal invitations to the degree show to send to family, friends and potential business contacts. I also want to share it here with you guys, as a general invite, so that if any of you are interested, you can pop along and see all the work for yourself!

Rosie Wesley Graduation Show Invite 2017 (Front)


If you want to come along, feel free to e-mail me, and hopefully we can arrange it on a day that I will be there!

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