Heathland Artworks

This week, I went along to Farnham Heath; an RSPB nature reserve where a selection of artwork is currently on display – including the work of a few of my peers from uni!

The artwork trail has been funded by Surrey Hills Arts, and you can find out all about it on their website.

The heath is a fantastic place to visit, with or without artwork on display and I would recommend that anyone visits! This week it looked particularly beautiful in the afternoon sunshine.


The first artwork is one by Steven Edwards called ‘Horizontal and Vertical Sound.’ These are sculptures of sound waves of bird song and are made in ceramic. I really like how they’re suspended within the trees, where the sound waves would naturally be carried.

One of the works by my university friend, Will Pike, was this steel sculpture of a bird’s wing. He describes it as a metaphor for the way that the heathland inhabitants rely on each other to function as an ecosystem, much like the way a wing needs all it’s feathers.

My other friend’s work was this steel and wooden bench. Carl wanted this bench to be a place for visitors to sit and take in their surroundings. It was extremely comfortable and was places in a great position, with a view right of the heathlands! Although his bench is quite far around the trail, I would definitely recommend making the effort to walk to it.


I think the artwork which stood out the most for me, was this one by a group of textile artists. Tall wooden posts, which have been inserted into the ground, have then been wrapped with brightly coloured wool and fabric. The artists say the the physical act of binding the ‘trees’ illustrates how everything in nature is bound together.

And right at the end of the trail are these glass birds, made by Ann Downey. Each of them was made from a different coloured glass, and attached to the branch of a tree in different positions. The birds get gradually lighter in colour and more transparent, symbolising the extinction of some species, and highlighting how important nature reserves like the Heathland are so important.

Overall, I had a really fab day wondering around in the sun and looking at all the work! I strongly recommend you go down to have a look yourself.

I want to say a big well done to my friends Will and Carl, whose work looks incredible in this space. They should be really proud!


That’s all from me for now, stay tuned for some updates on my work and info about New Designers!


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