Working predominantly in non-precious metals, Rosie Wesley’s range of sculptural work takes it’s inspiration from the New Forest, where she grew up. She is immeasurably interested in natural spaces of the forest; their sense of timelessness and human’s instinctive connection to the materials found there.

Her designs focus on three elements; texture, form and negative space. Each piece is a distinct response to a location within the New Forest; constructed from a combination of individual cast pieces of bark and materialized components based on negative spaces from the landscape, which are textured with markings based on her personal feelings and reactions to the environment. These elements come together to realize a subtle, instinctive form, embodying the essence of the landscape.

Rosie is really interested in the concept of taking something from the environment, and transforming it and assembling it into something new; giving it a new life away from it’s original environment. The piece then no longer belongs to the original space, but stands for itself, and only carries the essence of the original environment.

With the occasional accompaniment of film, audio and photography, her work aims to create a calm and serene ambiance, encouraging the viewer to consider their personal place within natural environments and inspire them to experience these spaces more.”


E-mail:            wesley_rosie@yahoo.co.uk

Tel:                   07961 233528